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Jamshedpur – Islamists attacked Ram Navami immersion procession in Haldipokhar; 5 injured

Jamshedpur – Islamists attacked Ram Navami immersion procession in Haldipokhar; 5 injuredRanchi, 01 April : Ram Navami and Ramzan coincided, both were observed in the month of March. Hindus followed special instructions during their processions to ensure the other community remains at peace. However, there has been violence all across the country.

Shocking visuals erupted from Sambhajinagar Maharashtra, a day before Ram Navami to attacks at Ram Navami processions in Howrah (West Bengal), Vadodara (Gujarat), Malad (Maharashtra), Sasaram (Bihar) and now Jamshedpur (Jharkhand).

Even a day after Ram Navami there have been attacks at Hindu residential spaces in West Bengal. It was the ‘Friday Frenzy’ where Islamists after ‘Jume Ki Namaz’ targeted Hindus. As far as the Jamshedpur violence is concerned it left five injured. The police took control of the situation before it could get worse like in the other states mentioned above.

On March 30, Hindu devotees took out Ram Navami procession in the Haldipokhar area of Jamshedpur. They took out the procession carrying the idol of Bhagwan Ram. The next day, on March 31, an immersion procession was taken out in the area where the idol was to be immersed in the holy water, as per the Hindu rituals.

The local Muslim population did not want the procession to be taken out following the attacks in Howrah and Shibpur in Bengal.

Opposing this demand the Hindus at the procession recited Hanuman Chalisa which indicted the Islamists and they started pelting stones at the procession.

As per Organiser Weekly, “Stones were pelted during a Ram Navami immersion procession in Jamshedpur’s Haldipokhar area. Around 5 people got injured.” Deputy commissioner, East Singhbhum said, “Situation in Haldipokhar and other parts of the district is completely under control and peaceful. Adequate forces have been deployed. As of now, there’s no need to impose Section 144. The situation is being monitored.”

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